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Fuzhou Min-tai Machinery Co.,Ltd. founded on April 2005,we were joint-ventured with Taiwan company in the beginning,with their advantage of technique and equipment, the innovation started to adjust China's farm products, more suitable in the market.There are more than 2000 square meters workshop, we can design, manufacture, assemble the machine by ourselves. Dozens of Mechanical Engineer, Egg processing technique engineer focus on the research of equipment and technological process, a long time cooperation with colleagues and egg processing company, that helps us combine theory with practice. We got the HI-tech enterprise qualification from government since 2008 until 2021, we have faith that we can extend the period of validity.Currently Mintai is the industry-leading and trendsetting player at China market who provides the best egg packing and grading solutions to national poultry farm.Egg washing series, egg grading and packing series, egg boiling sheller series, liquid egg series are our main four series products. Until Feb 2019, we have 75 patented technology base on our own independent research and development , which help us stay ahead of the domestic.
In the past 14 years, China's first quail egg shelling machine, first hen egg shelling machine, first egg cleaning machine, first Marinated egg production line etc begins from our company, we make it and improve it, every years we have new products to fulfill customer's request. With the support of our customer, we help them and in the meantime they help us to improve our machines.

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Good quality egg washing grading packing machine is widely used by laying hen farms or egg processing plants, effectly reducing labour costs. It has the functions of optional auto egg loader, egg washing ,drying, oiing, UV sterilization, printing, egg grading & packing etc.

1. Each egg is handled individually and gently to avoid secondary pollution;
2. Various specifications of plastic or paper egg trays can be packed,such as 2.5 holes, 3.*5, 2*6, 3.6, 5*6, etc;
3. Mist spraying oil mode, uniform oil spraying, with oil mist recovery device, saving costs;
4.Orientation each egg, good for storage;
5.Flexibly set parameters and selection automatic packaging lane according to different requirements;

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Fuzhou MIN-TAI egg processing machinery have a good reputation in this industries, the products are generally accepted and used by domestic and abroad customers.

The existing products of egg washing ,egg grading packing(farmpacker),egg boiling peeling ,egg breaking of four series. We focus on one things that provide professional egg handling machinery with better quality and higher cost-effectively.

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